I am a wife, mother, and yep a grandma too, and like most people spent years watching my life pass by…from the sidelines. I worked hard and kept my nose down – you know, afraid to rock-the-boat while carving out a living for myself and the kiddos. Pretending everything was okay, but inside confused about my identity and struggling to move past poor choices. I felt like a failure and didn’t believe I was good enough to have better. Even though I wanted to live happier, have greater, and do more I settled for less than I deserved in a life of co-dependency. But that was then! I realized my life, career, and who I wanted to be as a person can flourish, and it was 100% my responsibility to make it happen. 

    Did you know insecurity and lack of confidence affects your decision-making process? It affects HOW you Show up in relationships. It leads to self-sabotage. If you’re having a clarity crisis, ask yourself:

    • What do you want your life, career or business to look like?
    • What is your level of commitment to You?
    • Growth requires investing – time, energy, money. Are you ready for change?

    If you are ready to embrace your true self, come out of the shadows and boldly commit to abundance in life and business, connect with me. I want to support you so let’s get to know each other!

    The Founder of Lyfe Smarts LLC, Necie believes success starts with personal development. Along with acquiring both Professional and Master Coach Certifications, Necie is a member of the International Coach Federation and holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Management from Amberton University, Garland, Texas. She currently studies Strengths Finder application through Strengths Strategy Coaching Certification and is twice an Amazon Best-selling author with collaboration projects Fabulous New Life, and Shift vol 1. Necie volunteers and serves as Board of Director’s Development Chair with Dress for Success Oklahoma City, a non-profit organization who empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Necie is loving life and lives in the Oklahoma City area with husband Michael.

    Necie Black is a coach, speaker, and consultant who shares leadership strategies for personal and professional growth. She inspires clients to align action in support of their dreams, purpose, and destiny. Necie was born in Los Angeles, California on a crisp morning in December and has a love for all things Christmas. As the third eldest of eight children, she shared the responsibility of caring for her younger siblings, and quickly learned to lead and resolve conflict. She excelled in school and in spite of becoming a teenage mom, Necie persevered to rise above life challenges.

    Necie is a servant leader in the private and public sector. She spent over 27 years with a Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company and knows the importance of building strong relationships. As a Relational Strategist, she envisions an environment where employees are empowered to be creative, requires little to no supervision, and leverage their talent to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability. Working with leaders who are eager and committed to align their strengths with purposeful action, Necie supports them in bringing synergy to life and business relationships.

    Follow her on Twitter at @NecieBlack and join the Facebook Community Align Your Lyfe.