I am…….

A wife, mother and yes a G’Mama, and like most people spent many years watching from the sidelines as life passed by. I had a corporate career that I loved yet didn’t feel fulfilled at the end of most days. I worked hard and kept my nose down, kind of afraid to rock-the-boat while I carved out a life for myself and the kiddos. I lived a facade, and pretty convincingly too, yet was often confused about and unappreciative of the greatness I possessed. I let past failures hinder my progress and I settled. But no more! Every day, it is 100% my responsibility to do what was necessary to live my divine purpose. In part, it means being aware of my authentic presence, what really matters at the moment, and positively impacting whatever I touch. Thank God for a second wind!

Did you know that how you “SEE” yourself affect how you see the world around you? How you live, work and play? It affects the decisions you make and how you show up in every situation and relationship. When you SEE yourself clearly and focus on the beauty of your unique strengths, you can bring the change you desire. So, if you seriously want change, are willing to tell yourself the truth, and ready to own your strengths, then I want to support you! You can create synergy and live a life fulfilled.

I was born in Los Angeles, California. The third eldest of eight children, it was my responsibility to help care for my younger siblings, which quickly taught me how to lead and resolve conflict. I LOVE learning and excelled in school and despite becoming a teenage mom, I persevered and began a journey of manifesting my best and most authentic self! After more than 30 years in corporate America, I felt the need to create an impact that was just ME! In 2014, I founded Lyfe Smarts LLC., a coaching, training and relationship building platform designed to combine my experiences with strategies that cultivate stronger relationships with oneself and others; in and out of the workplace.

Great relationship matters to me so I operate with integrity and a core set of values that guides my presence. To bring the greatest experience for my clients, I invest in coaching, training and continuing education for my personal and professional growth. I’m an author, speaker, certified Coach, Strengths Strategy Facilitator, and People Acuity Specialist™ who holds a Master’s Degree in Business. Giving is my nature so I serve my community as Vice Chairwoman with Dress for Success, Oklahoma City. Dress for Success, OKC is a non-profit organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help them thrive in work and in life.

In addition to supporting other non-profits in my community, I’m living and loving life with my husband, Michael. For inquiries or booking, don’t hesitate to contact me at support@necieblack.com. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @NecieBlack.