I’m an authentic, down-to-earth speaker, coach, and mentor with a special anointing to serve those still struggling with the effects of poor choices, guilt, frustrations and who want guidance and accountability to soar to the next level of living. In fact there is a direct correlation between performance in the workplace and issues surrounding low self-esteem. People who struggle with embracing their whole self usually exhibit behaviors that make them less likely to perform to the level they are capable.

Through speaking and writing I share no-nonsense information that inspire and motivate my audience to create positive change that helps them thrive in their life, career, and relationships. With 30+ years of mentoring and training, in and out of corporate America, I know the importance of personal validation and how crucial it is in helping you make wise choices. My life experiences bring a unique perspective to topics, both personally and professionally.

Authenticity and accountability are both key in development! It’s important to put in the work to get where you want (and need) to go by tapping into your genius, building confidence and embracing your unique gifts. You don’t have to settle for living life in the shadows of anyone, including your greater self! Stop flying below the radar and commit to living a powerful life for YOU and those you love!